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Simple and safe, the garden metal sheds by Soana – Garden Sheds are definitely the best possible solution to keep your garden in place.

The garden metal sheds by Soana are iconic in the field of garden furniture and accessories. Indeed, Soana – Garden Sheds has been releasing garden sheds for years, always trying to offer the best possible durability and functionality to its customers. By combining the lesser possible footprint with the best possible capacity, thanks to the employment of sliding doors, these garden metal sheds are made with galvanised metal sheets to ensure maximum durability and resistance to weather conditions, so that you can freely leave your stuff stored inside the shed. The innovative UV resistant coating allow the internal temperature never to rise dangerously while also protection the metal sheet from corrosion and rust caused by humidity and harsh weather.

Soana – Garden Sheds is a brand founded in the midst of the 70s and, since then, it always tried to keep its iconic and minimal style of shed unchanged, apart from the inevitable technological developments. The shed roof avoids water, leaves and dirt to accumulate and to inevitably affect the integrity of the structure. The design of these garden metal sheds has been developed to be easy and fast to install. Soana's main asset is the ability to keep high quality standards while keeping its price as affordable as it gets, making these garden sheds very attractive to all kinds of customers.

Growing steadily always more and more popular, Soana garden sheds are chosen by its customers for their garden storage to safely keep their stuff away from the weather, from vehicles to tools and graden accessories.

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Outdoor garden shed for storage in galvanized metal MEDIUM 194x121 cm

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