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The collection of sofa beds by Modus Sofà is the result of more than 40 years in the field of home interiors design with one only motivation: to provide high quality products to its customers.

In all these years Modus Sofa developed models and products to add value to many corners of your house, office, waiting room, hotel hall. The main asset of these sofa beds is the collaboration between Modus Sofa and some of the best interiors design companies, with the intent to provide sofas that do more than just decorating, never mind the setting, The collection of sofa beds by Modus Sofa is able to match all tastes and styles of decoration with its ample range of sofas, including classic and modern styles, corner sofas and sofa beds. All sofa beds by Modus Sofa are carefully crafted by experienced professionals and they are all manufactured using only first choice high quality products to guarantee durability and lasting comfort. The passion and creativity of Modus Sofa's designers lead every year to the production of most popular sofa beds that meet the demands of countless customers with functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture.

The sofa beds by Modus Sofa are meant for both private customers and distributors. Anyone can find the values of craftsmanship, resistance, comfort, aesthetics and modernity in these sofa beds. During the years the sofa beds by Modus Sofa have learned to develop and to adapt to changes in style and in production technologies, also adding experience to its strengths. Nevertheless, a strong craftsmanship character not to loose all the necessary traditional wisdom. Indeed, the brand's ethics is based on care for detail, selected materials and that traditional craftsmanship knowledge with modern contaminations. The sofa beds by Modus Sofa are created to guarantee a product with fine finishing and quality materials that is also affordable to all people with its best online price guarantee. Up until now you could only find these sofa beds hidden in small boutiques and shops but ProduceShop is proud to bring its logistics into the game to help you obtain your dream sofa bed directly at your place.

All of this enables Modus Sofà to be an European leader in the field of quality furniture.

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AMETISTA 2-Seat Sofa Bed Made Of Microfibre With Velvet Effect

EUR 109.95 EUR 164.95

Composable Sofa Bed in Fabric with Cushions SWEET DREAMS

EUR 349.95 EUR 424.95

Corner Sofa 3 Seats with Armrests DIAMANTE

EUR 549.95 EUR 659.95

Corner Sofa Bed with Ample Footstool 3 Seats MADREPERLA

EUR 549.95 EUR 689.95

Corner Sofa Bed with Lounger in Faux Leather ZIRCONE

EUR 219.95 EUR 314.95

Design Sofa 2 Seats in Fabric for Living Waiting Room RUBINO

EUR 249.95 EUR 299.95

Design Sofa in PU Leather 2 Seater CHESTERFIELD

EUR 399.95 EUR 514.95

GIADA 2-Seat Sofa Bed Made Of Fabric For Home And Office

EUR 119.95 EUR 169.95

ONICE 2-Seat Sofa Bed Made Of Microfibre

EUR 119.95 EUR 164.95

Sofa Bed 2/3 Seats with Armrests and Cushions in Microfiber QUARZO

EUR 349.95 EUR 464.95

Sofa Bed Convertible 3 Seats in Foam and Fabric ELIODORO

EUR 199.95 EUR 319.95

Sofa in velvety fabric 2 Seater Design CHESTERFIELD

EUR 399.95 EUR 494.95

Sofa Modern Design Scandinavian Style Made Of Fabric 3 Seats for living...

EUR 249.95 EUR 309.95

TOPAZIO 3-Seat Convertible Sofa Bed Made Of Faux Leather

EUR 119.95 EUR 164.95

TOPAZIO LIVING Small Sofa Bed Made With Faux Leather For Studio...

EUR 119.95 EUR 164.95

ZAFFIRO 3-Seat Sofa Bed For Living Rooms And Offices Made Of Faux Leather

EUR 129.95 EUR 194.95