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The LEONARDO line represents the best range of products for home fitness able to offer a concrete solution for those enthusiasts who want a flexible, dynamic and highly performing space within their home to train without having to give up the comfort, discretion and intimacy of their personal space.

Thanks to the refined design, the innovative lines and the high quality of the materials, LEONARDO products can be perfectly integrated into different domestic situations and allow you to easily perform a number of workouts dedicated to cardio, strength training and functional training.

From cardio fitness machines to solutions for muscle strengthening, the LEONARDO line offers equipment that can be modulated according to the level of training of users and their goals. Choose from our vast selection, you will surely find something that meets your fitness need while still being compact enough to be stored away, out of sight.

LEONARDO, the perfect coach for your home gym.

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Electric treadmill walking pad space saving home office F10

EUR 279.95 EUR 349.95
In stock

Folding Electric Treadmill Space Saving Manual Tilt Home Gym F35

EUR 469.95 EUR 569.95
In stock

Folding Electric Treadmill Space Saving Home Gym F30

EUR 349.00 EUR 419.00
In stock

Folding Electric Treadmill Home Gym Space Saving F20

EUR 349.95 EUR 409.95
In stock

Adjustable multifunctional Home gym inversion bench Oni

EUR 139.95 EUR 249.95
In stock

Door pull-up bar without screws Kirin

EUR 44.95 EUR 59.95
In stock

Power tower multifunction home gym fitness station Hannya

EUR 209.95 EUR 289.95
In stock

Power tower fitness station multifunction bench home gym Yurei

EUR 249.95 EUR 319.95
In stock

Multifunction space-saving adjustable curved sit-up abdominal bench Tengu

EUR 79.95 EUR 189.95
In stock