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Ladies and gentlemen, we are not talking about a random brand but about “The King of Relax”: the famous and renowned brand which provides only reliable, good and long-lasting relax armchairs. This special line of pieces of furniture was born out in the early 2000s of the cutting-edge entrepreneurial vision of some of the best Italian designers who have satisfied the demand of that part of the market that needed some relax armchairs thought to be functional, efficient, but at the same time, affordable.

This is exactly what this renowned brand does: sell on the market relax armchairs capable of satisfying every need with an incomparable quality/price ratio. And the answer was clear. From the beginning, in fact, these armchairs became a huge success and made Le Roi du Relax one of the best world-famous brands at European level. 

Le Roi du Relax brand products are of high quality, designed and manufactured with top quality materials, so as to provide you with the maximum in terms of performance, comfort and convenience. Durable and wear-resistant products, they are the result of an innovative, professional and specialised production system, as well as of the many years' experience of the engineers involved in the meticulous search of next-gen materials and care of every detail. Le Roi du Relax is committed to creating items and designs aimed at satisfying your health needs, so as to please everybody, even the most demanding customer.

In fact, each one of these comfortable relax armchairs has a soft padding which will improve your physical and mental well-being; moreover, thanks to their reclining backrest and footrest, you will be able to place your feet at the same height as your heart, thus increasing blood circulation. You know, with these exclusive items you will be sure to reap the benefits of a multi-faceted, versatile and multifunctional product. Also ideally suited for elderly or people with reduced mobility, Le Roi du Relax armchairs will give you a break from the challenges of everyday life. 

That's exactly Le Roi du Relax's aim: it manufactures good armchairs, which are capable of making you forget your everyday problems. All Le Roi du Relax relax armchairs can be adjusted, so you can choose the position that you like the most: in other words, make yourselves comfortable and relax. Rely on Le Roi du Relax and enjoy the peace and comfort that these innovative relax armchairs can give you. Le Roi du Relax: experience the gift of comfort and convenience delivered right at your doorstep!

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ALICE Recliner Relax Chair with Footrest made of Faux Leather

EUR 139.95 EUR 219.95

AURORA Relax Armchair with Footrest made of High-Quality Faux Leather

EUR 174.95 EUR 244.95

EMMA Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair with Back Wheels

EUR 299.95 EUR 349.95

GIORGIA Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair with Back Wheels

EUR 279.95 EUR 319.95

GIULIA Recliner Relax Chair with Footrest included made of High-Quality...

EUR 149.95 EUR 249.95

LUCREZIA Recliner Chair with Footrest made of Microfibre with Velvet

EUR 149.95 EUR 239.95

SOFIA Recliner Swing Armchair with Footrest

EUR 199.95 EUR 259.95