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Since 1996, the company Italian Flavour has been distributing typical Italian food and wine products throughout Europe.

Italian Flavour was born from the creativity of young entrepreneurs who had the brilliant idea to share with the world the delicacies of Italian tradition and distribute them, so as to allow anyone to enjoy them. As we know, the culture of Italian food is the most renowned in the world and thanks to Italian Flavour thousands of people every day can appreciate the quality and especially the taste. All this thanks to Italian Flavour, leader in the made in Italy food and beverage sector.

Tradition and innovation are the two key words that Italian Flavour has decided to follow, they are the mantra of this brand and embody the founding values of this distribution company. The typical Italian products, from the renowned balsamic vinegar to pasta, from the refined olive oils to the fine wines or even the wonderful sweets that the whole world envies us, are now on the tables throughout Europe ready to be served and to make you live a unique experience. Culinary excellence linked to our territory and to the Italian gastronomic tradition.

Italian Flavour is not only a spokesperson for traditional specialities, but also carefully selects products with a high organoleptic profile, paying attention to companies that innovate in the food and beverage sector to offer products that are always at the forefront of tradition, but also of the evolution of tastes and techniques in this sector.

Every taste, scent and aroma represents the passion that Italians have for food and Italian Flavour is pleased to bring these ingredients directly to its customers to share the delicious dishes and make you fall in love with our culinary art.

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ABRUZZO Christmas Gift Basket Parmesan Cheese Balsamic for Coworkers...

EUR 39.95 EUR 129.95

CALABRIA Christmas Basket with Lambrusco Modena Balsamic Vinegar

EUR 49.95 EUR 139.95

CAMPANIA Basket Gift

EUR 9.99 EUR 122.95

CAMPANIA Christmas Basket with Parmesan Balsamic Vinegar for Family

EUR 32.95 EUR 122.95

EMILIA ROMAGNA Christmas Basket with wine Sangiovese Parmigiano Parmesan...

EUR 64.95 EUR 154.95

ITALIAN TASTE Christmas Gift Basket with Lambrusco Rosso Parmesan

EUR 29.95 EUR 119.95


EUR 9.99 EUR 119.95

LAZIO Gift Basket for Christmas with Champagne Parmesan Illy

EUR 184.95 EUR 284.95

LOMBARDIA Christmas Gift Panettone Motta Penne Mushrooms for Families

EUR 44.95 EUR 134.95

PIEMONTE Christmas Gift Basket with Coffee Pasta for Coworkers

EUR 29.95 EUR 114.95

PIEMONTE Gift Basket

EUR 9.99 EUR 114.95

Set of 12 EMILIA ROMAGNA Christmas Basket with wine Sangiovese...

EUR 619.95 EUR 739.95

TOSCANA Christmas Basket Panettone Milano Mionetto Cuvee Chocolate...

EUR 84.95 EUR 174.95

TRENTINO Christmas Gift Basket Chocolate Wine Parents Coworkers

EUR 32.95 EUR 114.95

UMBRIA Christmas Gift Basket

EUR 9.99 EUR 129.95

UMBRIA Christmas Gift Basket with wine Sangiovese Grana Padano Parmesan...

EUR 39.95 EUR 129.95

VENETO Christmas Gift Basket

EUR 9.99 EUR 109.95

VENETO Christmas Gift Basket Xmas Bauli Sperlari for Coworkers

EUR 29.95 EUR 109.95