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ProduceShop has been an official distributor for Intex, the much popular brand of above ground pools and inflatable beds and sofas, well known to provide summer fun and relaxation.

All above ground pools, inflatable hot tubs, sofas and mattresses from Intex are made with high quality materials. This led Intex to become the leader in the field of summer products, as for more than 40 years they have been satisfying customers all around the world. Their attention for details is what differentiates Intex inflatables and above ground pools from the competition. Thanks to highly advanced production processes and and innovative materials, Intex has been able to design durable and lasting products, also practical and functional, able to endure countless years of heavy use. Nothing similar to the average above ground pool or inflatable bed from the competition.

Highly versatile, these above ground pools and inflatables are ready for use after minutes of installation or inflation. Once the summer is over, you can dismount the pool to easily store it away during the winter. Much useful not only for large above ground pools but also for all inflatable beds and mattresses. It is no wonder thus that Intex rose to be a market leader in the field of above ground pools and inflatables. You can have all the summer fun and relaxation that you crave with Intex inflatables and above ground pools without any concerns with the optimum efficiency of Intex accessories, like filter pumps, water heaters and air jets that provide a gentle and pleasant hydro-massage that relieves you from a long day's work. As official distributors for Intex above ground pools, inflatable beds and mattresses, we can offer you the best online price for all the selection, as there is no mediation to raise the price.

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Children's playhouse Royal Castle by Intex 45642

EUR 34.95 EUR 39.95

Glass sand for Intex Bestway Jilong 25 Kg pool filter pump universal...

EUR 35.95 EUR 112.95

Inflatable boxing ring and gloves for kids Intex 48250

EUR 119.95 EUR 159.95

Inflatable Slide Water Pool for Children Intex 57469 Surf'n'Slide

EUR 94.95 EUR 152.95

Intex 26176 ex 28176 Round Easy Set Pool Above Ground 549x122cm

EUR 379.95 EUR 394.95

Intex 26310 Above Ground Frame Round Pool Ultra Frame

EUR 369.95 EUR 459.95

Intex 26326 Ultra XTR Frame Above Ground Round Pool 488x122cm

EUR 629.95 EUR 779.95

Intex 26334 610x122 Round Above Ground Pool of Ultra XTR Frame

EUR 749.95 EUR 849.95

Intex 26340 Ultra XTR Frame Above Ground Round Pool 732x132cm

EUR 929.95 EUR 999.95

Intex 26368 ex 26362 Ultra XTR Premium Frame Above Ground Rectangular...

EUR 1,179.95 EUR 1,399.95

Intex 26378 ex 26376 XL Ultra XTR Frame Above Ground Pool Rectangular...

EUR 1,499.95 EUR 1,699.95

Intex 26384 ex 26382 Graphite Panel Pool 478x124cm Round

EUR 1,249.95 EUR 1,399.95

Intex 26666 Chlorinator Chlorine Generator Above Ground Swimming Pools...

EUR 244.95 EUR 279.95

Intex 26668 ex 28668 Chlorinator 5 g/h Universal for Above Ground Pools

EUR 149.95 EUR 194.95

Intex 26670 Former 28670 Universal Chlorinator for Above Ground Pools

EUR 189.95 EUR 224.95

Intex 26676 ex 28676 Sand Filter Pump with Chlorinator 6000 Lt/h

EUR 299.95 EUR 344.95

Intex 26680 ex 28680 Sand Filter Pump Above Ground Pool 10000 Lt/H

EUR 349.95 EUR 459.95

Intex 26702 ex 28702 Prism Frame Above Ground Pool Round 305x76cm

EUR 129.95 EUR 194.95

Intex 26712 ex 28712 Prism Frame Above Ground Pool Round 366x76cm

EUR 159.95 EUR 239.95

Intex 26716 Prism Frame Above Ground Round Pool 366x99cm

EUR 239.95 EUR 264.95

Intex 26720 Prism Frame Round Above Ground Pool 427x107cm

EUR 304.95 EUR 369.95

Intex 26724 ex 26734 Prism Frame Round Above Ground Pool 457x107 cm

EUR 319.95 EUR 409.95

Intex 26726 ex 26736 Prism Frame Round Above Ground Pool 457x122cm

EUR 369.95 EUR 439.95

Intex 26732 ex 26752 Prism Frame Round Above Ground Pool 549x122 cm

EUR 529.95 EUR 639.95

Intex 26742 Round Above Ground Pool Prism Frame Greywood 457x122 cm

EUR 499.99 EUR 599.99

Intex 26744 Round Above Ground Pool Prism Frame Greywood 549x122 cm

EUR 519.95 EUR 599.95

Intex 26756 ex 26762 Prism Frame Round Above Ground Pool 610x132cm

EUR 599.95 EUR 759.95

Intex 26764 Prism Frame Above Ground Pool Square 427x427cm

EUR 1,049.95 EUR 1,149.95

Intex 26784 Prism Frame Above Ground Pool Rectangular 300x175x80

EUR 369.95 EUR 454.95

Intex 26796 Tube-Shaped Oval Above Ground Pool 503x274x122cm

EUR 579.95 EUR 634.95

Intex 26798 Oval Above Ground Pool 610x305x122cm Prism Frame

EUR 649.95 EUR 779.95

Intex 28000 Skimmer for Above Ground Pools Universal

EUR 26.95 EUR 94.95

Intex 28001 Pool Cleaning Robot Universal Aspirator Cleaner

EUR 79.95 EUR 144.95

Intex 28021 Universal Cover for Round Above Ground Pools 305cm

EUR 27.95 EUR 99.95

Intex 28022 Universal Cover for Above Ground Round Pools 366cm

EUR 25.95 EUR 99.95

Intex 28023 Universal Cover Round Above Ground Pools 457cm

EUR 25.95 EUR 94.95