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Adriatic's selection of beach and leisure items is the result of Italian taste and creativity.

For over forty years Adriatic has stood out for its always original, colorful and imaginative proposals and this is made possible thanks to the collaboration of talented designers supported in the construction phase by the most advanced technologies. Italian quality passes through the care that the company dedicates to every detail: the choice of durable materials and the use of cutting-edge technologies ensure the high quality standards of production, so much so that the difference is the assembly and verification. manual of the reliability of each piece that is rigorously made and designed in Italy.

Adriatic accessories are inspired by the fun and sense of freedom that accompany summer and moments of relaxation, are in step with new trends and recognizable by their modern lines and functional features. They are all made with recyclable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials and subjected to strict controls that establish compliance with European and international regulations, the CE marking in the first place. Thanks to constant innovation, Adriatic is able to offer new, practical and useful solutions for all those who want to enjoy every moment outside, always maintaining a very high degree of reliability.

Enter the Adriatic world dedicated to freetime, you will already feel like you are outdoors!

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2in1 beach chair-trolley Comfort by Adriatic

EUR 49.95 EUR 69.95
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Plastic 12 litres base for garden umbrellas rattan-effect Adriatic

EUR 34.95 EUR 54.95
In stock

Adriatic rigid cooler bag 24 litres rattan-effect Midollino

EUR 34.95 EUR 59.95
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Portable electric refrigerator 24 litres 12V by Adriatic

EUR 74.95 EUR 114.95
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Ice brick for cooler bags by Adriatic T1000

EUR 3.95 EUR 6.95
In stock

Plastic 37 litres base for garden umbrellas rattan-effect Elica

EUR 39.95 EUR 64.95
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Round concrete base 55 kg diameter 59 for garden umbrellas Adriatic

EUR 109.95 EUR 159.95
Out of stock