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Welcome to our selection of bedroom furniture: well begun is half done!

The bedroom is perhaps the most intimate and holy place of our home. Make it cosy, comfortable and relaxing in order to have better dreams and improve your physical health and psychological well-being. In the last few years, according to the interior design industry, the bedroom has become not just a place to rest but also a place to relax, read a book, take a break after a long day at work.
In this gallery we provide several furniture solutions for bedrooms, all of high-quality and of modern design, adaptable to any taste and style. From the roomy cabinets made of solid oak, to the multi-purpose chests of drawers, the large night tables and the comfortable bed to decorate your bedroom or that of your children. There is quite a lot to choose from.

The quality of our furniture is high and at a very low market price as compared to today’s standards. We have the opportunity to offer you affordable prices since we are producers as well as retailers of all our products, a measure that allows us to ensure the best market price and to satisfy the requests of our several buyers.

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Queen-size Bed White and Oak 120x200cm Design LUDO

EUR 319.95 EUR 509.95

Size Single Bed White and Oak 90x200cm Design LUDO

EUR 289.95 EUR 419.95

Nightstand Bedside Table Made Of White Wood Drewer Door Castors Modern...

EUR 99.95 EUR 142.95

Coffee Cocktail Table White Wood For Living Room Bedroom Ludo

EUR 159.95 EUR 209.95

TV Stand Home Furniture White Castors Drawers Doors Made Of Wood Modern...

EUR 209.95 EUR 277.95

Dresser 4 Drewers With Castors White Base Oak Modern Design LUDO

EUR 279.95 EUR 399.95

White Wooden Bookcase Bookshelf Castors Sliding Door Modern Design Ludo

EUR 219.95 EUR 269.95

Computer Office Desk Study Table Oak Upper Plate Drawer And Door Modern...

EUR 209.95 EUR 269.95

3-Door White Wardrobe Cabinet Armoire And Wooden Drawer LUDO for Bedroom

EUR 679.95 EUR 824.95

Nightstand Bedside Table White Sprayed Glossy Cement Effect

EUR 99.95 EUR 134.95

Nightstand Bedside Dresser White Glossy 3 Drawers Cement Effect Modern...

EUR 219.95 EUR 289.95

Dresser 5 Drewers White Glossy Design "Cement" Effect

EUR 229.95 EUR 304.95

Wooden Bookcase Bookshelf 12 Compartments Equipped With Sliding Door...

EUR 449.95 EUR 579.95

TV Stand Home Furniture Multi-purpose White Cement Effect Sliding Door

EUR 319.95 EUR 399.95

Dresser with 2 Drawers White Base Oak

EUR 189.95 EUR 264.95

Dresser White Glossy 2 Drawers 1 Door Bedroom Natural Oak Base

EUR 229.95 EUR 334.95

Bedroom Storage Dresser White 4 Drewers 2 Doors Cubbies Kitchen Living Room

EUR 319.95 EUR 489.95

Dresser Multifunctional Living Room Kitchen Bedroom 6 Drawers 3 Doors

EUR 527.95 EUR 619.95

Shoe Rack Storage organizer 6 Drop-Leaf Drawers White 24 Shoes

EUR 299.95 EUR 464.95

Shoe Rack Storage Organizer Closet Multi-purpose Drawer Natural Oak 16...

EUR 219.95 EUR 309.95

Shoe Rack Storage Organizer Multi-Purpose 3-Doors White 30 Shoes

EUR 269.95 EUR 389.95

6-Compartments Wardrobe with Shoe Rack Storage White And Oak Base PASSACOR

EUR 299.95 EUR 404.95

Equipped Wardrobe With Shoe Rack Storage Hanger Glossy White And Oak

EUR 369.95 EUR 444.95

Hanger with Wooden Shelf Modern Design

EUR 99.95 EUR 154.95

Tall Bookcase narrow Bookshelf 6 Tier Shelves White Wood TOWER

EUR 199.95 EUR 244.95

White wood bookcase with 3 tier shelves adjustable in height EASYBOOK

EUR 119.95 EUR 159.95

Bookcase with 6 Tier Shelves Storage Unit White Wood for Office Living...

EUR 229.95 EUR 274.95

Low white bookcase recycled wood 3 tier shelves adjustable in height...

EUR 139.95 EUR 194.95

Bookcase Tall Narrow Bookshelf with 6 Tier Shelves Grey BIG BEN

EUR 179.95 EUR 229.95

Modular Narrow Bookcase 6 Tier Shelves Grey for Office Home SLIM

EUR 179.95 EUR 234.95

Modern Wooden Bookcase Narrow Bookshelf 6 Tier Shelves Grey HART

EUR 179.95 EUR 234.95

Grey Cement Effect Bookcase Storage Modern Design for Study Office 6...

EUR 229.95 EUR 274.95

Low Bookcase Wooden Storage Unit 3 Adjustable Tief Shelves for Office...

EUR 139.95 EUR 194.95

Low Modern Bookcase Real Wood 3 Tier Shelves Modern Design for Office...

EUR 129.95 EUR 189.95

Modular Bookcase Wooden Bookshelf 3 Tier Shelves Modern Design Office...

EUR 139.95 EUR 204.95

Modular Sectional Bookcase Narrow Bookshelf 6 Tier Shelves Real Wood...

EUR 249.95 EUR 284.95

Sofa Chair Patchwork Scandinavian Padded Living Offices PATCHY

EUR 219.95 EUR 294.95

Ready made bed pouf with folding MORFEO

EUR 129.95 EUR 209.95

Armchair bed folding in fabric DEBORAH

EUR 119.95 EUR 199.95

Pouf folding bed armchair in fabric SWEET RELAX

EUR 159.95 EUR 249.95

ROCKING Modern Design Eiffel Rocking Chair Velvet Metal Wood

EUR 119.95 EUR 209.95