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Beach Umbrellas
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Solid and stylish Beach Umbrellas, a truly great item to carry to the beach or place in your own garden

Coming in many different shapes and sizes, they are made with a solid alluminium or steel frame, which ensures reliability and practicality. Available in different colours, many of our beach umbrellas employ a patented fabric for protection against UV rays (UPF 158 Italian Certification) and are supplied with a convenient bag with a tear-resistant shoulder strap for easy transport.

This special UV-protection fabric is a product of our own research and development that many have been trying to replicate over the years. Our fabric has an official certification, something that most similar products do not have.

Our sale prices are always very competitive because we are the manufacturers/direct importers and resellers of our products, without intermediaries. Don't waste time! Place your order and have yourself a wonderful summer!

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ZEUS GiraFacile® Beach Umbrella with removable Tent

EUR 44.95 EUR 79.95
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Dioniso GiraFacile® 180cm Patented Cotton Beach Umbrella

EUR 29.95 EUR 72.95
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Ermes GiraFacile® Patented Vented Beach Umbrella With UPF 158+ Uv...

EUR 34.95 EUR 66.95
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Artemide GiraFacile® 200cm Patented Cotton Beach Umbrella

EUR 29.95 EUR 66.95
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AEOLUS GiraFacile® 220cm Patented Aluminium Beach Umbrella with UPF 158+...

EUR 49.95 EUR 92.95
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Portable Beach Parasol and Camping Umbrella Uv Resistant Windproof 200cm...

EUR 39.95 EUR 52.95
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