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    Beach Parasols and Umbrellas

Beach Parasols and Umbrellas
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The classic beach parasol, easy to carry and made to last.

Each of our beach parasols is made with the aim of ensuring good protection from the harsh sunlight; thanks to the special UV resistant fabrics or to the double layer of cotton for greater shadow potential, our umbrellas are a necessary accessory. Fitted with 8 ribs, which provide a good protection against wind, and produced in lightweight materials, these umbrellas are incredibly easy to carry, set up, and clean when needed.

Parasols are a classic beach item, that always seems impossible to improve. Guess what, we did it.

Place your order today and start enjoing your best summer.

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ROMA 220cm Aluminium Beach Umbrella With UPF 158+ UV Protection

EUR 44.95 EUR 64.95
In stock

LIGNANO Vented Light Weight Aluminium Beach Umbrella

EUR 24.95 EUR 29.95
Out of stock

Portable Beach Parasol and Camping Umbrella UV Resistant Windproof 200cm...

EUR 39.95 EUR 52.95
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PIUMA 160cm Portable All-Weather Beach Umbrella And Sun Shelter

EUR 34.95 EUR 54.95
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POCKET 180cm Portable Beach Umbrella

EUR 34.95 EUR 49.95
In stock