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    Basketball hoops


Basketball hoops

Basketball hoops
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Portable basketball hoop with wheels adjustable height 160 - 210 cm LA

EUR 79.95 EUR 119.95
In stock

Professional portable basketball hoop adjustable height 250 - 305 cm NY

EUR 169.95 EUR 249.95
Out of stock

Is the ball in wedges your passion? Are you a professional basketball player or do you just like to take a few shots from time to time?

For sports lovers of basketball, ProduceShop has selected a wide range of basketball baskets to train and have fun in shooting a basket in the open air in the home garden, in the courtyard, on the driveway or to be used in sports centers. in gyms and equipped areas.

Whatever the type of basket you are looking for, in this section you will surely find the right basket for you: you will have baskets with a fixed structure and others that can be easily moved and positioned anywhere in the playing area, both in the internal and external; Different sized baskets to help kids and other regulars in the game, all height adjustable to suit players of all ages so that both adults and children can challenge each other in the shot and imitate the great stars and stripes champions!