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Bases and Covers for Parasols
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We offer a range of bases and universal base plates suitable for parasols of many different sizes including, of course, all models we sell ourselves.

Designed to be firm and strong and to ensure a firm anchoring to the ground, the quality of our base plates is guaranteed by the extensive experience of our company that works to achieve maximum efficiency, with a special attention to details. We have 50 x 50 cm base plates for free arm parasols, 11 and 25 Kg bases for parasols, or simple plastic bases. Our items, of variables size and weight to meet your requests, are also available in different materials: concrete and metal, gravel and concrete, plastic, or empty to be filled in with water or sand. Whatever your preferences you can find the solution here.

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12L Square Patio Parasol Base

EUR 19.95 EUR 29.95

Parasol Base with Wheels Universal 50 Liters Capacity

EUR 39.95 EUR 49.95

11kg Square Concrete Parasol Base

EUR 49.95 EUR 79.95

25kg Square Concrete Patio Umbrella Base

EUR 59.95 EUR 89.95

Patio Umbrella Cover 240x62cm

EUR 49.95 EUR 114.95