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Above Ground Pools and Accessories
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All the luxury, fun and comfort of a real pool in your backyard at a much more than reasonable price.

Here you will find the widest range of Intex and Bestway aboveground pools. Intex and Bestway are market leaders in this field, and their above-ground swimming pools are the most developed and smart you can find. We are authorized dealers of all Intex and Bestway products and we buy products directly from the parent company, that is why ours are the lowest prices on the market. The range of products available includes outdoor swimming pools, accessories for above-ground swimming pools, Intex inflatable Jacuzzi tubs and mattresses, children’s pools, dinghies, canoes and other Intex and Bestway quality products. Get yours, place yourself in the water, and have a well deserved summer relax.

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Intex 29058 Bestway 58201 25 kg of Universal Sand for Filter Pumps for...

EUR 32.95 EUR 109.95

Bestway 58404 FlowClear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools

EUR 169.95 EUR 204.95

Intex 28408 PureSpa™ Inflatable Hot Tub SPA Round 216x71cm

EUR 529.95 EUR 729.95

Intex 26378 ex 26376 XL Ultra XTR Frame Above Ground Pool Rectangular...

EUR 1,499.95 EUR 1,699.95

Bestway 56456 Power Steel Above Ground Frame Pool Rectangular

EUR 849.95 EUR 899.95

Bestway 58400 Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools

EUR 139.95 EUR 189.95

Bestway 54173 Lay Z Maldive Inflatable Hot Tub SPA Hydro Massage

EUR 1,279.95 EUR 1,499.95

Intex 26176 ex 28176 Round Easy Set Pool Above Ground 549x122cm

EUR 379.95 EUR 394.95

Intex 28680 Sand Filter Pump Above Ground Pool 10000 Lt/H

EUR 349.95 EUR 459.95

Intex 26676 ex 28676 Sand Filter Pump with Chlorinator 6000 Lt/h

EUR 299.95 EUR 344.95

Bestway 56671 Power Steel Rectangular Above Ground Pool 488x244x122 cm

EUR 1,109.95 EUR 1,269.95

Bestway 56466 Above Ground Frame Pool Rectangular 122x274x549cm

EUR 779.95 EUR 819.95

Bestway 58332 132cm Safety Ladder for Above Ground Pools

EUR 89.95 EUR 144.95

Intex 26368 ex 26362 Ultra XTR Premium Frame Above Ground Rectangular...

EUR 1,179.95 EUR 1,399.95

Bestway 54189 Inflatable Spa Bubble Massage Hot Tub With AirJet Helsinki...

EUR 829.95 EUR 929.95

Bestway 58331 Safety Ladder for Above Ground Pool

EUR 79.95 EUR 139.95

Bestway 56471 Frame POWER STEEL Rectangular Above Ground Pool 671x366x132

EUR 999.95 EUR 1,099.95

Intex 28132 Easy Set Above Ground Inflatable Pool Round 366x76cm

EUR 89.95 EUR 149.95

Bestway 56623 Power Steel Above Ground Rectangular Frame Pool 956x488x132cm

EUR 1,599.95 EUR 1,849.95

Bestway 58259 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater

EUR 184.95 EUR 239.95

Intex 28426 ex 28404 PureSpa™ Inflatable SPA Hot Tub

EUR 519.95 EUR 619.95

Intex 28122 Easy Set Inflatable Above Ground Pool Round 305x76cm

EUR 77.95 EUR 144.95

Bestway 58216 Chlorinator with Filter Pump

EUR 199.95 EUR 244.95

Bestway 56448 Above Ground Oval Frame Pool

EUR 634.95 EUR 719.95

Intex 28458 Inflatable Whirlpool SPA 201x71 Jet and Bubble Deluxe

EUR 899.95 EUR 999.95

Intex 28634 Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools 9463 l/h

EUR 124.95 EUR 174.95

Intex 26702 ex 28702 Prism Frame Above Ground Pool Round 305x76cm

EUR 129.95 EUR 194.95

PVC Inflatable pool Intex 28112 244x76 Round Above Ground With Filter Pump

EUR 66.95 EUR 139.95

Intex SPA 28462 ex 28456 Octagonal inflatable hydromassage 218x71 cm

EUR 1,199.95 EUR 1,499.95

Bestway 56604 Hydrium Above Ground Frame Pool Oval 360x120cm

EUR 1,299.95 EUR 1,449.95

Intex 26716 Prism Frame Above Ground Round Pool 366x99cm

EUR 239.95 EUR 264.95

Bestway 56714 Oval Above Ground Pool With Swim Vista Porthole...

EUR 679.95 EUR 799.95